how to find the correct sports bra?

hey! do you know that 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size? yes. most women's bras are either too small or too big.

sports bras are no different and might cause more damage if you choose the wrong one. not to raise any alarm bells but if you keep wearing the wrong sports bra, you might experience soreness in your breasts as well as neck, shoulder and back pain.

here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for the right fit. not to worry. you will be an expert in no time

Choose the best for yourself

sports bras mostly come in three kinds; compression, encapsulation and combination

- go for the compression bras if you have small breasts

- choose the encapsulated ones if you have large breasts and love high-intensity work outs

- as the name suggests, combination has properties of both compression and encapsulation; suitable for high-impact activities

adjustin’ is everything

make sure you look for adjustable straps in your bra so it can offer maximum comfort to your breasts.

a soaking wick is a must

you are going to sweat when you work out so buy a bra that comes with a soaking wick and breathable fabric or be ready for sweaty discomfort with rashes and chafing

high and low

much like friendships, you cannot expect one bra to do it all. so invest in a low impact bra and a high impact bra. if it's your yoga or pilates day, then wear a low-impact bra. if you are looking for some high-intensity workout sessions, you need to wear high-impact bras.


if you are looking for a plus size sports bra, all the points above apply to you as well. just make sure you look for brands that focus on size inclusivity and offer activewear lines

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