the fashion industry is in the headlines for climate action- here’s what you need to know

the fashion industry recently stepped up its game and vowed to rise to the occasion in reducing emissions and the industry’s overall carbon footprint. instead of the previous pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, the fashion industry charter for climate action now calls for a 50% reduction. the days of fast fashion might be coming to an end as even the fashion industry is recognizing living sustainably is the only option.

but why should you care about sustainable fashion?

a way to give back to the planet

the planet that provides us with everything for our survival deserves our love and protection. it is time to take some responsibility so the generations to come do not suffer.

there are harmful chemicals making their way through supply chains into our lives. supporting sustainable fashion could help you reduce your own footprint and do your small part in saving this planet.

choosing quality above quantity

quantity is not everything and using fast fashion brands that do not last will only increase your waste. 

by choosing sustainable ethical fashion, you can reduce your waste and have more quality products that last you longer and treat you better

less can be more you

we all want to buy the dress we saw in our favourite magazine. that cute outfit that might be just perfect for that one party. sometimes we are so focused on the trend, we forget our own unique style. brands that prioritize sustainability create pieces that allow you to personalize your own style and be you in every way possible. with live aastey, we want to create a community where you feel most comfortable in being you while being sustainable. the best part is that it feels good too.

slow fashion is the future. aastey strives to make this possible by sourcing responsibly and using recycled material in our products. aastey is a size inclusive athleisure brand that wants to cater to your needs while being sustainable. people now want to be comfortable while looking fashionable. by using one attire that can have more than one function, athleisure clothing has all everything takes to tackle the fast fashion movement 

live sustainably, live aastey!




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