When you scroll through instagram and see a cute crop top, do you also debate yourself out of buying it? Do you feel crop tops don't suit your body?
We are in this together. 

As someone who didn't wear white pants for almost a decade - regardless of fashion trends - in the struggle between wanting to releasing your inner fashionista verses feeling confident and secure. 
How often have you heard "dress for your body" regardless of how those clothes make you feel. It's about time we began dressing for ourselves - our moods, minds and feelings are just as important as our bodies if not more. We need to encourage finding confidence and empowerment in expressing oneself through their clothes - not just dressing in a version of what we are made to believe "suits" us. 

Source: Skylar Larson 

Have we as a society failed to recognize and appreciate the modern purpose of clothing? It's not just about functional coverage anymore but more about having an additional form of expression and emotion. Performance fashion, fashion trends after covid_19 and the work from home lifestyle has changed the way we dress up. 

The way you dress can give so many signals and create so many emotions. We have all used clothing or make up as a crutch to not just make ourselves feel a certain way but also to project a perception amongst the people we meet. 
Freedom of expression and speech are the pillars of democracy so shouldn't we be given the same right to express ourselves without judgement in our dressing too? 

Source: Girlfriend Collective

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