Come experience aastey ft. interns

I joined aastey as I wanted to do something productive during my summer break and wanted to try working for a brand/ company. When I heard of aastey, I immediately wanted to work for them because I’m interested in creative writing, and I heard that there was an opening for that. I’m only 13 years old and I thought that it would be a problem for them and I wouldn't get hired, but they gave me a chance and I really appreciate that. I loved my job because I got to do so much in just one month, right from designing blog covers and reel templates to content writing, competitor research and communicating with Instagram influencers. I also got to learn so much, from the way a start-up works to bits of marketing and designing as well. The best part of working at aastey was probably the fact that I got to meet such amazingly talented, creative, hardworking and fun people from content writers to photographers and product designers. I haven't had any work experience, but Jeevika and Kanupriya were so fun, encouraging, and enthusiastic, they were definitely amazing people to work for!

my experience at aastey

One thing I absolutely loved about aastey was the vibe there. It was so bright, cheerful and positive. Everything we did was fun. I genuinely had a great time there.

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