As the temperature rises, and the air conditioners take priority over humans on certain days, I sit back, relax, put on my face mask and think of the next outfit to wear.

It's ironic, that everything that I bought a few summers back is still looking fresh and trendy.
While some of the fast fashion clothes may fade away, a few core sustainable basics are there to stay in my wardrobe for the next couple of summers as well.

Here is our pick for the colors for the hot summers. Whether it is 2019, 2020, 2021 and maybe even 2030.


VIBGYOR says white is not a color but the color white is definitely a color in our world of fashion. White is not just a color but everytime you wear it, it also makes a statement!
To me, white signifies confidence and relaxation at the same time.
A definite thumbs up on this color but maintaining whites over the years is a challenge. Just Saying. 

Green Ash
Creds: It is everywhere again. Celebs. Internet. 

Different brands have introduced their own versions of mint green. A few lovely shades have also come up where mint green has been dyed with other colors. A color that's a must especially for your vacation days where it will nicely merge and blend well with the sea, mountains, sand and nature.

All shades of Pink: Raspberry Sorbet/Hot Pink/Dust Pink

Creds: Saski

Now imagine a world of watermelons, strawberries, peaches and cream. Yumm! Mix it all to create this beautiful, almost pop pink color. That's Raspberry Sorbet. Dusk Pink is every new shade of baby pink. Pastel pinks are similar to the feeling after a flavour bursts in your mouth.  It's not essentially edible. Well at least not the one we are talking about. But wearing pink as athleisure, essentials, activewear, dresses, tops, shorts or even lip color and nail paint is how you can create a major summer moment to remember and maybe even take a new picture each summer, curate and convert it into create a wallpaper for your room. It may work as a cool interior decor idea! You are welcome. 

Hey! Thats it. Mine are only 3 colors on repeat. When you wear your favorite summer repeats on gram, use #liveaastey.
We will reshare.