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what is aastey styles?

aastey styles is our personal look book for you. in this era of fast fashion, we use and throw clothes at an alarming rate. somewhere along the way, someone decided re-wearing an outfit was the most blasphemous thing one could do. once a look was posted on the gram, wearing it again wasn’t an option. this has led to an overwhelming consumption of clothes, which is incredibly harmful to the environment. our go-to stores for everyday clothing are fast fashion brands, unfortunately, to live up to the ‘fast’ part, they disregard the environment. they use materials such as oil and hundreds and gallons of water to create these clothes.

we at aastey, know and value the art of shopping, which is why we create our products and packaging using the most sustainable materials. we also created aastey styles to help give you ideas on the numerous ways our products can be worn. by wearing a garment for nine months longer than you would’ve, you reduce your carbon footprint by 30%.

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